From 1985 to 2008, Kreamuze was an independent association, and organized several camps for children and young people. At the start, this were mostly music camps, after a few years also theatre, circus and ski camps. In November 2008, Kreamuze became part of the VZW Gran Baita, and the ski holidays, music and theatre camps continued to be organized yearly. 

We have an extraordinary formula for our camps:

  • The participants can individually arrange their activities and time schedule. For instance, a person who participates in a music camp, can also try out the circus activities or partake in the drawing lessons.
  • The participants are accompanied and supervized by professional teachers and monitors, who (until now) join the camps on a voluntary basis. Which is why we can keep the camps low priced. 
  • The astounding natural setting, where we conduct our camps. 

Peter Himpe

Peter grew up in a musical family, among the violin, cello, piano and clarinet sounds of his parents and sisters. When he was 6 years old, he received piano tuition from Peter Cabus, and later clarinet tuition from his father. Other teachers were Yvonne van Den Berghe for piano in the Music Academy of Mechelen, and Levende Kende for piano and Greet Severens for clarinet in the renowned Lemmens Institute of Leuven, Belgium.

From the Lemmens Instituut, Peter obtained several Laureate diploma’s, and during many years he remained at the Institute as a docent for orchestral study, pedagogy, musical ensemble, and audition training. He also started up the orchestra of the Secondary School of Lemmens, for which he was the conductor during 12 years. He completed his director studies with Brian Brockless in Londen, and Fernand Terby in Brussels. In addition, he continued his mother’s life work as a conductor for the Londerzeel Symphonic Youth Orchestra, with whom he undertook numerous international concert tours, for example in Canada and London. Last but not least, he enjoys making music with professional amateurs and amateur professionals, musical delight, no more .. 

Peter has combined his greatest passions -music and the mountains- together with the upbringing of this 3 (now nearly grown up) musketeers, by organizing creative and music mountain camps in the mountains of North-Western Italy.