Gran Baita

You enter Gran Baita via the parking, from where you can enter the building, or use the main entrance on the other side.

The main building

The office

For incoming calls, a phone is available without charge. For outgoing calls, a local mobile phone is available, for which the charge can be paid at the end of the stay.


The Restaurant

The ground floor has a central hall, from where the stairs lead to the first floor. On the ground floor,there are also the restaurant (photo), the bathrooms, and the kitchens.


Kitchen 1

An industrial dish washer,  double inox wash basin, kitchen gear, cutlery and service sets for 80 persons.


Kitchen 2

2 cookers with 4 burners, 1 gas oven, 1 heating plate of 1 m², 1 electric steam oven, 1 big fridge, 1 big freezer, and a separate store room for supplies..

First Floor

10 rooms with 2 to 8 beds; bathrooms (1 for disabled persons), wash basins.  


Second Floor

6 rooms with 1 to 10 beds, some with access to the large balcony; bathroom and toilets.


North Wing

Accessible via the first floor of the main building; has 2 outside exits.  Includes a hall for indoor activities, and 2 rooms with 2 beds.  


South Wing

Accessible via the parking;includes 2 rooms for activities, a store room for the skiing material, and a workshop.


Ollomont and surroundings