The journey by autobus or car

We suggest to travel during the day. Day journeys are safer, are touristically more interesting, and last but not least, both passengers and driver have had a normal night’s sleep and start their journey, stay and return journey well rested. 

Recommended road (from experience):

Through the Ardens (Aarlen, Luxembourg), Lotharingen (Metz, Nancy), the Vosges (Epinal, Remiremont), Franche-Comté (Besançon), the Jura (Pontarlier, Vallorbe), the Easthern side of the Lac Leman (Lausanne, Montreux), the  Rhône valley ( Martigny), the climb through the valley of Grand St. Bernard (road without toll), through the Tunnel of the Grand St. Bernard (5,5 km with toll), the descent via the Combe Froide until the fork Variney to go to Valpelline . After climbing 1 more kilometer, you reach the Val d’Ollomont on your left side,  to the village with the same name, and finally Gran Baita at 1400 m altitude.

Depending on the point of departure, the duration of the journey (including stops) ranges between 13 to 15 hours. This is also influenced by weather conditions,  the amount of traffic, etc.